Ecommerce Solutions

Want to sell online? We offer multiple ecommerce solutions to fit a wide variety of needs and budgets.

Gift Certificate Order Forms

We have forms capable of securely collecting and storing credit card information for simple transactions. Today’s online shoppers are savvy about online security. Before completing a transaction or sharing personal information with you, online visitors need to know that your website can be trusted. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates provide a visual indicator that your website is legitimate and secure.  We sell SSL certificates from VeriSign, GeoTrust, and SBSCertificates for a low yearly fee.  These are especially popular with restaurants to sell gift cards online.

Paypal Stores

We assist you in setting up and maintaining a store with Paypal.  These are ideal for small stores of fewer than 10 products or for soliciting donations.  All secure transactions are handled by PayPal.  They take a portion of every transaction, but Andrew Lehman Design does not charge any additional ongoing fees above your quarterly maintenance.

Americart Stores

Americart is suitable for our clients who know what they are selling out of the gate, and aren’t selling a lot of one-of-a-kind items, or who have product availability that fluctuates a great deal.  It’s easy to apply coupons and discounts.  Americart is a subscription service and the fee is included in the maintenance paid to us.

Magento Stores

Magento is easily the most robust e-commerce option we offer. It’s ideal for companies with large inventories who require a few different ways to search through their products, who need tight inventory control, and who want a lot of bells and whistles out of the box.  We will train your employees on how to maintain the store and update it with new products, and will also be available to do product updates for you.

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We worked with Studio Spicuzza redesigning their website and updating their branding. We just launched it recently. Check it out!

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What Our Clients Are Saying

We’ve used Andrew Lehman Design for twelve years now. We appreciate the fact that they’re quick to respond with updates to our website, but the most valuable input they’ve provided has been to help us configure our site so it’s easy for a visitor to find the specific artist, subject matter or genre they’re most interested in seeing on our site.

- Christina Bates, owner
Art Post Gallery